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The BarrX procedure is performed to treat Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia (abnormal cells). The procedure is performed during an upper endoscopy while you are asleep. The area of Barretts is washed with a solution. An attachment is then advanced down the upper endoscope, and the Barretts area is burned with a special attachment on the tip of the device. If the area of the Barretts is very long, a balloon may be used to burn the area, since it covers much more surface area with each burn. You may have some chest discomfort after the procedure. You may also have some difficulty swallowing afterward, and for the next week or so.

You will likely need this procedure done several times before the Barretts completely goes away, but it almost always works to get rid of the Barretts. It is important to note that you will still need to take your reflux medication (PPI) on a daily basis after this procedure. You will also need periodic upper endoscopies to make sure the Barretts doesn’t return, but this procedure will decrease the risk of the Barretts ever turning into cancer.

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